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Dr. Mangesh Prakash Deshpande

Dr. Mangesh P Deshpande, M.D. (Ayurved), is an accomplished PURE AYURVEDIC Practitioner having special interest in Bone, Joint and Spine disorders. Running successfully 1st Ayurvedic Hospital in Dombivali which exclusively works in the field of Bone, Joints and Spine disorders since 7 years. He also is practising in Shivaji Park, Dadar. He is associated with Dr. Anil Heroor, Renowned Oncosurgeon and H.O.D. Oncosurgery, Fortis Hospital since 3years for Cancer Research and registered 200+ patients for Ayurvedic Palliative Care Treatment. He also has an Expertise in Ayurvedic Medicine Preparation and Panchakarma treatments.
He has received a prestigious “Bhishagvarya – 2013 (Doctor of the Year)” awarded by BrahmanSabha Vaidyakiya Samiti, Dombivali for dedicated work in the field of social and medical fraternity.
He has been a Speaker / Invitee / Coordinator for Bone, Joint and Spine Disorders at many reputed institutes and conferences such as World Ayurved Congress, various Reputed Ayurvedic Colleges, National and International Seminars, various regional News Channels. He is also an educator and provides health consultations, panchakarma therapies and comprehensive workshops based on the authentic science of Ayurveda. He is also a writer for various Ayurvedic magazines and journals A versatile, knowledgeable and fluent speaker, Dr. Mangesh P. Deshpande has been engaged with conducting workshops, seminars and lecture series to train various UG, PG students and Ayurvedic Doctors.